10 Steps to Cyber Security

September 15th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorised

At Hamilton Leigh, we dedicate a lot of time to supporting our clients with risk management to mitigate their exposures. With claims frequency and severity continuously growing, cyber threat should be equally considered when forming risk management practices and procedures for the business. 

We proactively speak with our clients about cyber insurance and the contribution it makes to their management of the risk through the invaluable service and guidance provided in the event of an incident. Insurers are making positive steps to incorporate more proactive elements into their product offering including accredited staff training courses and pre-breach assessments to assess areas of vulnerability. 

This infographic produced by the National Cyber Security Centre provides an excellent starting point of reference for businesses to formulate their cyber risk management plan. 

Should you have any questions about how we can support you please do get in touch with Jason Cohen @ Jasoncohen@hamiltonleigh.com 

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