What is causing claims inflation in Property?

August 4th, 2023 Posted by Updates

What are the main reasons for Property claims inflation?

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic was dominating news headlines, now, the cost of living and inflation rates are today’s headlines – but how did we get here? This article drafted by our Group claims specialists provides an overview of some of the specifics that are driving inflation rates and as a result, claims inflation.


The impact of Brexit has disrupted supply chains because it has called for new negotiations for cross-border trade. This has resulted in added cost, complexity, and delays in shipping. Some suppliers have even downgraded the UK as a priority market because of Brexit.

Brexit also created a skill shortage, and regulatory changes have made working in the UK less attractive to EU nationals who are increasingly returning home.


UK unemployment is low, which has resulted in high vacancies and more competition for increased salaries, the lack of skilled labourers required for construction, alteration, and reparations of buildings.

Global supply chain

The world is seeing record highs in the cost of petrol and diesel, which has been driven by supply challenges. Freight shipping costs have more than doubled since 2020, and machinery and plant have longer lead times as a result, particularly with items that are manufactured outside of the UK1.

Climate change

We are also beginning to see major impacts of global warming, in the form of increased storm and flood frequency and severity. This coupled with inadequate investment in drainage infrastructure in the UK is adding to the damage.

For example, Flood Re estimates that flooding will have increased between 25% and 80% by 2050, depending on the rate in which weather temperatures increase2.

How we can help

Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions (SRIS) Claims Director, Justin Welham comments:

“In the property market we’ve seen post-pandemic supply chain bottlenecks, higher energy and transportation costs, and shortages of labour all contributing to higher inflation in 2022.

In 2023 we’ve seen that the war in Ukraine has further fuelled global inflationary and supply chain pressures, causing price shocks for a wide range of commodities, including energy, food and construction materials. This Supply chain disruption and rising prices are driving up replacement and rebuilding costs for property and construction claims.

This will inevitably leave companies exposed to under-insurance across their property portfolios. Our team continue to work closely with our clients in terms of costs mitigation and making sure that their property portfolio sums insured have been recently reviewed to avoid the pitfalls of under-insurance.”

For more information on claims inflation and how this may impact you get in touch with our expert team.

What about injury claims?

Find out more about why claims inflation in relation to liability.

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